Norris is a 1 1/2 year old tabby cat who enjoys building cat towers and furniture for his fellow cats to play on. It gives the cat owners hours of entrainment watching the favorite cat or cats playing on it.Norris is also the product tester. All his towers are made of wood. He also has 3 helpers. They are his sidekick Britney the dog, Star his mom and Sassy his Aunt.
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Phone 724-222-0154
Another creation by Norris for his fellow cat and cat lovers. Has a basket for your cat to crawl in and go to sleep or a large lounge to where they can lay and watch what is going on around them. Also has multiple's levels  for them to climb on and a scratching post for the to scratch on. Sold
This pirate ship is big enough to handle a load of cat. There are 2 crows nest for them to view the family members. It also has and expandable section on the back that pulls out to enlarge the ship. There is 2 hiding places inside for the cat to hide in and relax when they get tired of playing. Price $175.00
More cat towers coming soon. A castle is being designed and built. Also a new multilevel tower with a hide away on bottom level to where your cat can hide.Will also build any size cat tower for your cat  steps for your dog, or a lounging bed with steps for your dog to look out the window. More to be added soon
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Click on movie icon and watch Norris test out one of his cat towers for sale
Please view my video of me testing one of my towers

This tower has a house to where your cat can crawl in and go to sleep or a large area for them to stretch out and rest to see what is going on. Sold

Another creation by Norris.. He can hop on his pirate ship and go sailing around the world with his shipmates Aunt Sassy, his mother Star, and his first mate Britney. Price $150.00
This multi -level cat tower will give your kitty an area to where he can climb and also toys to play with. It has a scratching post to scratch on. The house is there for your kitty to go take a nap after a hard day of playing or after they get thier tummy full after a meal. Price $90.00 Sold
Let your cat enjoy the western life style in the custom made covered wagon cat tower. 
Price  $150.00
Let your cat take a ride back to the wild wild west on this stagecoach. Room to lay and relax and toys to play with. Also has a scratching port to stretch after play hard.

Sold Price $130.00 
This is a medium size tower to fit in the corner of a room for your cat to play on and to relax after a hard day of playing.

Sold Price $60.00 
Your cat will enjoy climbing and sleeping in the tube. It has toys on it for him to play with. I is about 6 feet tall and 2 feet round. Price $80.00 Sold
 With this castle your cat can be  Queen or King of their own castle.This castle measures 37 1/2 from point to point at top and roughly 5 feet tall.. It has to spots to where your cat can go hide or go to sleep.Can be seen at Bedillon's furniture 840 Race Street, Washington, PA 15301          (724)225-3540 
Price $159.99
This 6 ft. tower will give you cat the height that he or she likes  plus 3 areas to where they can crawl in and go to sleep after a hard day of playing. The tower gives enough room to where a lots of cat can play and rest.A tower this size goes for around $279.00 on line. Norris is selling it for. Can be seen(SOLD)at Bedillon's furniture 840 Race Street, Washington, PA 15301          (724)225-3540 
Price $179.99

tower added to bed
Take your cat or dog  back to the stone age in this dog or cat bed. A tower can be added to the car to let your cat climb higher for additional cost.Cost of 
Price $149.95
Some cat towers can be seen here
Some of the cat towers can be seen at Bedillon's furniture 840 Race Street, Washington, PA 15301          (724)225-3540
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